The Fountain Pen Art and Writing

A dip pen is given to Janet Leigh by Anthony Perkins to sign in to the Bates Motel in the film Psycho in 1960.
Conklin Duragraph Amber
Both John F Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson used fountain and dip pens as president in the 1960s
Parker Urban Matte Black
The Namiki Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen was launched in Japan during the early 1960s by the Pilot Corporation
Sheaffer 100 Red with Brushed Chrome
In "Riding the Iron Rooster", Paul Theroux commented that most big-city hotels in China in 1988 still provided dip pens at the writing desks in all guest rooms
Jinhao X450 Spotted Red and Gold
Ancient Egyptians, in 3,000 BC, used a reed straw to write with ink made from vegetable gum and soot. It is believed to be the earliest form of the fountain pen
Monteverde Intima Blue Glacier
A gold-nibbed fountain pen will slowly adjust to your writing style. The nib flexes and softens as the pen is used
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