Juan Ponce de Leon By Jaiden c.

Juan Ponce de Leon was born in Santeveras, Spain in 1460.

Ponce in his young years was a nobleman before becoming a professional explorer.

Ponce was motivated by rumors of a Fountain of Youth. Once heard of this somehow Fountain of Youth, Ponce said he must go searching for it.

Even though a lot of other explorers had asked Queen's and King's to be their Spenser, Ponce was the first ever explorer to be his own sponser.

Ponce had a very twisty route of exploration. Coming from Spain, his first journey started at Puerto Rico. He heard of more gold elsewhere so he followed rumors. He probably thought that where the gold is the Fountain Of Youth is. When he left Puerto Rico he landed at present day St. Augustine. He marked his landing with and that symbol is still there at St. Augustine today. After not finding a Fountain of Youth but some riches, Ponce went for more but he kept on twisting around in the oceans and just went back to Spain.

Ponce was well known for finding a lot of things (except the supposebele Fountain Of Youth) but also had a impact on his exploration. While he was over at present day St. Augustine and Puerto Rico he claimed more land for his Europen nation which made the king and queens happy. He also met American Indians which he made his slaves while they built a establishment for him. Overall Ponce's trip was good and it will be remembered that way.

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