Nurse Eric Don't take medical advice from the Internet! Go see a doctor or nurse practitioner!

Hi! My name is Eric and I'm a nurse. I make videos and other media about things that interest me. Scroll down and check out my work. Thanks for stopping by!

The following video is really about why I believe people should get the flu shot. Most people don't even understand the main purpose of vaccinations. Let me know what you think in the comments of the video on YouTube.

My next video will be about all of the bad stuff that's in the flu shot. Sorry! It's flu season. I gotta cover the topics while they are hot!!!

This next video is about something called Frank's Sign. Frank's sign has been studies for a while now. It's an external sign that might predict heart disease. It's weird and interesting and as a nurse I see this all the time. I see Frank's sign in almost all of my heart patients and I have to be honest, if we've met, I've probably checked out your earlobes. Sorry! Here's my first video on the subject. It's just me telling the story about how I learned about it but in my next video I'll go into more details about the science behind the phenomenon. In the mean time, hit up Google!

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