How to Make a Apron by: Aubrey Brower

To sew a apron you can sew it by sewing machine or by hand. If you do it by hand it might take a while. The materials you need are a pattern, scissors, iron, and pins, and a sewing machine.
Step 1, The first thing you need is a pattern or you can do it by scratch. So the first step is you need to cut out the pattern.
Step 2, Then it should look like this all cut out. Then pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it
Step 3, When it is all cut out it should look like this. After it is all cut out you can take the pins and pattern off the fabric.
Step 4, After that you get the big square and the little square, then you can pin the fabric to the fabric and cut it.
Step 5, After you pin the squares it should look like this now. Then you can take the pins out and the pattern off.
Step 6, Then you have to make another strap for the apron.
Step 7, Then you want to fold it out. And then you can add something on the bottom or sides and even the top too.
Step 8, Now you can sew the design you put on the top, bottom, or sides.
Step 9, then you can take the big square and sew your pocket on .
Step 10, Now you can take the iron and crease the edges of the apron so it looks nice. Then you can sew the edges.
Step 11, Then you can start on your straps. You want to sew the side that can open.
Step 12, Nexts you can sew your straps. After you are done sewing your strap you want to pull your straps out, so your design is outside.
Step 13, Then you can sew your 2 straps on the sides.
Step 14, Then you want to get your little square and crease it in half and and take the rings and put the little square through the rings and sew.
Step 15, Then you can take your last straps and sew it on.
Step 16, Now you can adjust the straps and you can test it out.

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