Christina Orender Photography 1

Portfolio Cover
A student's afternoon coffee break.
The beautiful rose. A stand alone figure, unique like none other.
Self-mental fights, broadcast-ed for the world to finally see.
A romantic gesture left in the tree.
The world is filled with color if you just keep your head up.

Artist statement:

I make art so the rest of the world can see my perspective on things- my world. I am inspired to make art, because it is important for me to have an outlet for self expression, and for me have a hobby I am proud of. Art represents parts and feelings of me that want to see seen in that moment. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It allows people to connect to me, and having art keeps me in touch with the beautiful minds and wonders of the world, and often causes connections to other creative minds. Art is a great for pondering or reflecting on certain ideas, events, or important symbols. My art is unique, because everything that was created shows my feelings and outlooks on certain things. All me. Art means so many things to me- but most importantly, art is a creative outlet for me.

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