Taner's photos By Taner J. salci

This is a picture of a light box. I edited by making the contrast level 100% and messed around with the settings to get colorful light bars. Abstract photo

This is a picture of a stack of desk. I took the picture using flash. While editing I made all of the color setting 100% to get that abstract look. Abstract Photo

This is a picture of a piece of wood at an angle. I used the color settings to bring the grain of the wood as well as being abstract. Abstract photo

This picture is two people struggling to gain control of the ball and win. this is just one of the struggles in the gower school. Documentary photo

This is a picture of one of the E.L.A teachers at gower. Gower's E.L.A teacher Mrs.Lund works very hard to deliver her students the best information she can. Documentary photo

Kids at gower work as hard as their teachers do. They to teach, they teach themselves to become better people and strive for success. Documentary photo

This picture is a picture of a speaker. The picture was edited to show the grill and the impurities in the metal. I went towards a vintage sort of look. Textured Photo

This is a picture of a wood brush. I edited so it would look like some short of weird never discovered plant that has thick textured leaves. Textured Photo

This is a picture of a colored brick. The photo was lightly edited to bring out the groves and the color green. Textured Photo

This is an advertisement of a sony camera. The picture was edited so that the color yellow will show. The color yellow make the buyer feel relaxed and want to buy the product. Advertisment

This is one my favorite photos of a watch. This is a CItizen ECO DRIVE Divers watch with a couple of filters and color changes. The stand makes the watch pop. Advertisement

This picture is a picture of a bottle of lotion, I edited so that the grain of the picture would show and there would be a ring around the item. advertisement

This is a portrait of Michael he is in his thug life pose. I blurred the background so that his face would stand out more. portrait

This is a portrait of marisol. I edited the colors so that it is peaceful and so that her face glows. I blurred everything around her face.

This is a portrait of Bryn. I cropped the picture so that its only her and not the background. I of course blurred the background and adjusted the colors to make thing pop.

This is a reflection of a tree. My favorite part in this photo is the colors. The colors complement the reflection, giving a warm vibe to it.

This is a reflection on a camera. The camera in this respect deliver the message that it's watching and the reflection on it adds even more meaning. I edited it so that the reflection pops and the picture becomes grainy.

This is a reflection of the ceiling. The reflection is not entirely a reflection but a simi reflection because it's not the full image. I edited the picture so that reflection stands out.

This is a perspective photo of Devin holding a basketball hoop. I edited it so that he and the hoop pop out giving the illusion that he is holding the hoop.

This is a perspective photo of Tim holding a pencil. I edited the colors so that they contrast at the bottom half of his body giving the illusion that he is holding on to the pencil.

This is my favorite perspective photo. Tim is "eating" Devin. I had Devin be as far away as possible so that it would appear that he is being eaten by Tim. I did some light editing.

This my magazine cover of Mr.Newbert. I named my magazine G.T. The hardest part in making the magazine was finding the right font and the arrangement of articles. I picked Mr.Newbert because he would look good in the magazine.

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