Dream Final project 2016

Universal Theme: The pursuit of happiness begins with pursuit.

"Of Mice and Men"

Lennie said craftily- "Tell me like you done before."

"Tell you what?"

"'Bout the other guys an' about us."

George said, "Guys like us got no fambly. They make a little stake

an' then they blow it in. They ain't got nobody in the worl' that gives a hoot in hell about 'em-"

"But not us," Lennie cried happily. "Tell about us now." George was quiet for a moment. "But not us," he said. "Because--"

"Because I got you an'-"

"An' I got you. We got each other, that's what, that gives a hoot in hell about us," Lennie cried in triumph.

Of Mice and Men shows us how we can be dreamers through our adversities. Even if we have adversities we can still have dreams and goals in life. George and Lennie had almost nothing but yet they still seem to have more hope than anyone in the world. Through their life they have only grown stronger as friends. There dreams have only grown bigger along with their drive to achieve it. This shows how with even a little hope you should hold on to it with two hands.

"Scarlet Ibis"

"Finally one day, after many weeks of practicing, he stood alone for a few seconds. When he fell, I grabbed him in my arms and hugged him, our laughter pealing through the swamp like a ringing bell. Now we knew it could be done. Hope no longer hid in the dark palmetto thicket but perched like a cardinal in the lacy toothbrush tree, brilliantly visible. "Yes, yes," I cried, and he cried it too, and the grass beneath us was soft and the smell of the swamp was sweet."

These two brothers had a goal in life that they set and wanted nothing more to achieve it. Even when times are tough they still strived for nothing less than success. When they achieved that they still wanted more, they needed more. This shows how with faith and determination you are bound to have a great outcome.

The Outsiders

"In the country... I loved the country. I wanted to be out of towns and away from excitement. I only wanted to lie on my back under a tree and read a book or draw a picture, and not worry about being jumped or carrying a blade or ending up married to some scatterbrained broad with no sense. The country would be like that, I thought dreamily. I would have a yeller cur dog, like I used to, and Sodapop could get Mickey Mouse back and ride in all the rodeos he wanted to, and Darry would lose that cold, hard look and be like he used to be, eight months ago, before Mom and Dad were killed. Since I was dreaming I brought Mom and Dad back to life... Mom could bake some more chocolate cakes and Dad would drive the pickup out early to feed the cattle. He would slap Darry on the back and tell him he was getting to be a man, a regular chip off the block, and they would be as close as they used to be. Maybe Johnny could come and live with us, and the gang could come out on weekends, and maybe Dallas would see that there was some good in the world after all, and Mom would talk to him and make him grin in spite of himself." (Pg.34 The Outsiders)

While Ponyboy and Johnny are lying on their backs daydreaming about a place with no Greasers or Socs in Chapter 3, Ponyboy mentions that living in the country would be perfect. Ponyboy says that he would love to relax underneath a tree and read. Pony dreams that he would have a yellow dog, and Sodapop would get to ride his horse, Mickey Mouse, in as many rodeos as he wanted. Pony also dreams that Darry would lose his cold, hard look, and that his parents would still be alive. In the country, Johnny would come live with Ponyboy's family, and the rest of the gang would visit them on the weekends. Ponyboy even dreams that Dally would see that there is some good in the world after all. From this we know that no dream is too big no matter the background you come from.

So What

These are samples show us that no matter the circumstances or situations you are in right now if you can dream you can do it. Every dream is worth striving for. We dream for a reason we dream to find the bigger person inside of us that no one knows about. We all have talents but they aren't meant to kept to themselves we should let everyone know how talented we really. We should pursue our dreams.

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