Canbury School Newsletter 24th January 2020. issue 182

Dear Parents and Visitors

It's been like going on a Safari here at Canbury today. Our animal mufti day, to raise vital funds for the 'Help the Koala' fund has proved a really popular event. Students and staff went the extra mile to raise cash to help koalas across Australia who have been either displaced or severely injured because of the terrible wildfires. Ms Dar and Mrs Mascari did a sterling job painting faces. Immediately below we have Anders, Kyrell and Oli rocking the animal look, as well as Mr Bourgi, Birthday-Boy Mr Batten and Mr Temple who all came into work in their bird shirts! Further down in the newsletter there are more photos. Will you recognise your child?!

I'm delighted to tell you we have a total of 31 students going to Tenerife in October - the biggest number for an overseas trip ever!

Thank you to all those parents and carers who attended the Year 11 Parents Evening last night. This is perhaps the most important one of the KS3/4 years. I hope students left knowing what they need to do. The end prize is in sight Year 11. Keep that focus.

A polite reminder that the Year 9 options forms must be returned to school by Monday 3rd February at the very latest. Earlier is better. Thank you.

We have a visitor from Blesma coming in next week to talk to us at assembly on Friday. Blesma is the only national Armed Forces Charity that supports limbless veterans for the duration of their lives. They also send their members out to speak to young people about overcoming adversity and becoming resilient. You may remember we had Jamie last year, who ejected out of a burning aircraft. Our visitor next week is a double amputee. Please do have a discussion with your young person to let them know this will be happening. As ever I expect all Canbury students to conduct themselves with sensitivity and the utmost respect. I'm sure we're all in for a fascinating story.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Olivia, Layla, Angus, Freddie, Thomas and Chloe for their enthusiasm in Mathematics this week.

All students for their focused work in well being.

Year 8

Ross for his focused work in English and improving his answers based on given feedback.

Peter for showing great effort in learning.

Year 9

Matthew for his focused work in English.

Year 10

Victor is to be congratulated for beating Mrs Burke at Scrabble!

Alex for his insightful comments when practising mindfulness.

Oskar for his effort in learning across subjects.

Armani on completing ‘her mission’.

Rhian, Victor and Harry were awarded 3 HP each on Thursday for outstanding teamwork. Very well done.

Year 11

James for his focus and open mindedness when practising mindfulness.

Year 12

Jasmina and Luca deserve congratulations for the hard work and effort they have consistently applied to Mathematics which is reflected in their Mock Examination results.

Luca for stepping outside his comfort zone multiple times this week.

Canbury photographers and artists descend on Central London.

Yr 11, 12 and 13 artist and photography students enjoyed a great day out in central London yesterday. A stroll along the South Bank, followed by a trip to Tate Modern saw them gathering inspiration for their GCSE and other coursework. Who knows, maybe one day we will be visiting Tate Modern to see their work?

Space hopper or ear defender? The students decide what works best for them.

Year 8 were exploring ‘sensory support tools’ this week, but the key thing here, as Miss Patrycja explained, was that “they were testing, not just guessing”. By this she meant the students had a range of tools to test, to see how they may, or indeed may not, help them in a stressful or anxious situation.

From space hoppers and ear defenders, to the calming sequence training, listening to music, walking and running, our students took an almost scientific approach to the session, with some interesting results.

Adam comes off the space hopper while Ross and Kyrell take notes.

Connor remarked that using the space hopper simply made him feel silly, to which Miss Patrycja replied that maybe that meant using a space hopper might help you when you would like to have some fun, rather than trying to say focused on a task! Kyrell approached the whole task in a very focused way, taking great care and effort over each tool and thinking really very carefully about how they made him feel.

Overall the whole group worked very hard and Adam seemed to come to no long-term harm having fallen off his space hopper.


Will you dare to enter the escape room?

Sports timetable for this half term

Sports round-up for the week.

It’s been a stand out week for sport at Canbury. Firstly the KS4/5 football team was in action on Wednesday in the third round of the SSSSA football tournament. Writes Mr McGregor: With the A team short of a player or two, our players thought they might be up against it for most of the day, having been put into the Championship by the organisers. However, just like when Liverpool lose Salah, there is always someone to fill the gap - and the Canbury A team played better as a result. The centre back pairing of Shiroxley and Pascal was solid, and with some great saves from Max as well, only let in one goal all day.

Further up the field, the combinations of Evie, Alex W and Miles worked tirelessly, and gave great movement on and off the ball. As a result, there were few individual goals, but so many fantastic team goals scored, with some brilliant passing in front of the goal, leaving the opposition no chance. The team drew their first game 1-1, but won the rest to run away with the league on the day, scoring loads in the process. Next step - keep playing as a team, and keep scoring those great team goals that we saw.

On their way to glory: KS4/5 Football squad: Miles, Ben, Felix, Chris, Luca, Pascal, Alexander B, Rosie, Alex W, Shiroxley, Evie, Max & Oskar. 

The B team also put in one of their best performances in recent memory; winning two matches, drawing one and losing one. The whole team was great, playing with an excellent level of cohesion and team work. Stand out performances came from Chris in between the sticks, Rosie with some industrious defending and Ben, Alexander B and Felix all grabbing vital goals. The aim is now to keep this level of performance going into the last tournament of the season after half- term.

On Thursday it was the KS3’s students chance to shine at the annual SSSSA badminton tournament at the Guildford Spectrum. There were some fantastic results all round with the A team finishing joint third in the team competition; however it was the singles competition where we excelled. Lucas won a bronze medal in a very tough boys’ singles competition and it was near enough a clean sweep for Canbury in the girls event. Emilia and Ollie B won bronze medals and Lauren won the gold with an outstanding display in a tension filled final! It’s also worth noting that that’s now the second year in a row in which Canbury has won the KS3 girls’ singles competition. Well done all who played.

KS3 Badminton squad: Lauren, Harry A, Lucas, Harry L, Shaaiyon, Emilia, Jack, Kyrell, Connor, Angus, Ollie B, Olivia M.

House Awards

Angus - Silver Star 75 House points

Phoebe - Silver Star 75 House points

Layla - Gold Star 100 House points

Introducing our Canbury animals........

What animal would you be?

Now for something completely different......

Miles' mum got in touch with us this week to say she has often been asked for the recipe for her very popular 'Mega Oat Cookies'. "I have often made a batch and brought them into school and first made them when my guys were tots. They are cousins of the Anzak Biscuits and very yummy, I love mine with a wedge of cheddar cheese!"

Get baking Canbury!

Meet the member of staff

Kiwi Mr Sutton is this week's victim, sorry interviewee. Read on to find out what his ideal day looks like, how he'll bite your hand off for a sporting event ticket and how he has a theory on the invention of Weetabix.

Mr Sutton - the staff room dishwasher's broken today.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

‘The ones who know the most say the least.'

If you could have only three apps on your phone, what would they be?

The sky scanner app (always searching for cheap flights).

Duo lingo to get some of the last minute greetings in.

Cricinfo to keep relevant in the cricketing world.

You've got a day to yourself, money and time no object - what does it look like?

Starting in one location, looking for flights, booking flight, going to flight, get on flight, and arrive at a different location in time for the sunset.

How do you unwind/relax/de-stress?

Exercise, listen to music and play/watch sport.

Where are you from originally?

I am from New Zealand - Dunedin, a good Scottish Presbyterian colony.

What brought you to Canbury?

Ahh I think I walked, then got a bus then a train.

Did you excel at science at school, was it your favourite subject?

I was always interested in the practical parts of science - human biology rather than the plant biology. I actually excelled more in history and classical studies at school.

You can have anyone fictional as your imaginary best friend - who will it be?

A combination between Mr Barnes and Mr McGregor, which creates Legolas from The Lord of the Rings.

What did you have for breakfast today?

These odd things called Weetabix and milk. It's an idea that was copied off the original WEETBIX from the southern hemisphere. Should I talk to a copyright lawyer?

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for life - what will it be?

Tickets to every sporting event in the world.

What would you tell your 17-year-old self?

‘Don’t be pressured by who or what has come before you, but never forget where you come from or who helped you get there’.