Easter this year is on Sunday April, 16. We celebrate Easter, because Jesus died on the cross and resurrected. Jesus took all our sins when he died on the cross. And He rose again. In ancient times this was called the Passover. On the Passover Christian would sacrifice a lamb and put the blood on there door frame. Then they would eat the lamb inside. When Jesus was crucified the Passover was stop. This is when Easter started.

Jesus said that the wine was His blood and the bread was His flesh. After we are baptized we are to eat the bread and drink the wine every first Sunday of the month. These days we don`t have to sacrifice a lamb. The reason why is Jesus rose on the cross.

I think influence of technology on Easter is could be good at times, But it also could be not the best at times. Such as a good influence is if you have family that lives in a different country. Or if your asking when church is those are good influences. Some of the bad influences are being on your phone all day. Easter is a day to worship of Christ resurrection and spend time with family . That is one of the not so good influences.

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