Elizabeth I Life and Achievements

Synopsis and Overview

Elizabeth I was one of England's most popular and successful monarchs. She was born in London in 1533 and the daughter of King Henry VIII and second wife Anne Boleyn. She reigned for nearly 44 years and claimed throne at the age of 25. She then died in 1603.


Once again she was born in 1533. When she was only two her mother died because she was beheaded on the orders of her husband. Elizabeth and her older half sister, Mary, were declared illegitimate as her father sought to pave the way for a male heir. Her father had 6 wed wives, while some were divorced while others were beheaded.

Training and Education

Elizabeth I received tutoring and excelled at languages and music. An English scholar became her teacher and educated her as a future monarch. She learned languages such as: Greek, Latin, French, and Italian. She was a strong-minded girl but not stubborn and was willing to listen to good advice. She was always devoted to England.

Achievement 1

She became queen at 25 and reigned for 44 years. She never married a spouse because she feared that a husband would take her power. She was strong and independent, but flexible. Elizabeth showed political skill in balancing the interests of different peiople in her court.

Achievement 2

Elizabeth I also supported theatre,fashion, literature, dance, and education. Thomas Tallis and William Boyd were among her court musicians. Artists painted portraits of Elizabeth. And poets and playwrights composed some greates works in English Language.

Achievement 3

Elizabeth worked to strengthen England's economy and encouraged trade and commerce. Authorized English trading companies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The funding of sea exploration she did helped England gain foothold in North America. In 1588 the English Navy defeated Spanish Amarda. The victory sparked a national celebration and further strengthened England's sea power. When Elizabeth died England was one of the strongest and richest countries in the world.


Elizabeth I then died on March 24, 603 at Richmond Palace in Surrey. With her death came an end to the house of Tudor. Her lengthy time on throne provided stability and consistency.

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