Local Color Images from Mercer meadows

In 2016, I photographed early mornings at Mercer Meadows, a small park in Mercer County, New Jersey. Most images were taken at Rosedale Lake; l also explored Willow Pond, Curlis Woods and Lake and the Equestrian Center. It was beautiful and fun. The twelve images below were taken during the year with a point-and-shoot and DSLR camera and enhanced digitally. Enjoy! More importantly, visit the park if you can.

Winter photography can be difficult. Gone are the budding hues of spring and the strong greens of summer, as well as the glorious colors of fall. I often photograph during the winter sunrise, when the colors are special. For this image, I created a tree silhouette with the sky's predawn colors, facing east, on a small pond.
The sky in winter can be a brilliant blue and its reflections on a pond are the background for this image. Last year's cattails are in the foreground, having burst their pods, looking like hairy caterpillars leaving their cocoons.
I always try to go out during and after a snow storm. The landscape is dramatically altered, even when the sky is overcast. Then the colors are muted with white, black, and gray dominating.
One of the early signs of spring, even before the budding leaves, are the birds. Along the pond, red-winged blackbirds start to sing and flit from tree to tree. Again, I silhouetted the bird and tree against the easterly sunrise.
In mid spring, the green colors are flourishing. In this image, I liked the lichen-covered tree with hues of pale blue and gray set off against the green and yellow leaves.
By June, cattails have regrown; they are young and fresh, as are their leaves. The sun flare was a nice addition, giving a reminder of the warmth of early summer.
Mid summer is hot and color is starting to fade in the heat. This image of lily pads and stalks had a Japanese feel to them, full of grace, stillness, and the changing of the seasons.
Ripples in a pond, warmed with early morning light, are always fun to photograph. Hues that work together - yellow, orange and brown reflect in the water.
Again, predawn colors can be glorious, especially reflected in a pond. The plants in the foreground are silhouetted against the rich hues.
Peak autumn colors are my favorites. This image of trees with yellow and orange leaves demanded my attention in the early morning sun.
In late fall, the colors are more muted but still beautiful. The sunlight from the right fills parts of the image with bold hues, whereas the other parts of the image are darker and more subtle. The trees seem to be having conversations with each other and us.
In December, we're back where we started without the greens of spring and summer and the warm colors of fall. However, some dying grasses along the pond's edge are an interesting foreground subject against the warm sunrise. They seem to be bowing to the sun, with intentions to renew themselves next year.

Thanks for viewing some of my 2016 images. Again, please visit the park if you can. Thanks, Don Patrylow

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