ITALO-AMERICANA: This selection of photographs by Carmel Vitullo examines the relationship between the cultural identities of Federal Hill (FH), the Italian neighborhood where she grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and Italy (IT), where she traveled in 1966. The photographic pairs create a visual representation of Vitullo’s understanding of Italian culture based on her experiences growing up in an Italian-American community. Vitullo’s images capture the vitality of life, as she relates to the world around her by connecting it to her home.

Questo selezione di fotografia da Carmel Vitullo esamina il relazione tra l’identite culturali di Federal Hill, il quartiere italiano dove cresceva in Providence, Rhode Island, e in Italia, dove lei è viaggiato in 1966. Questi paii di fotografia creano un representazione visuale della comprensione di Vitullo della cultura Italiana si basano sulle sue esperienze nella sua communita di Italo-Americani. Gli imagini di Vitullo catturano l’energia della vita. Lei usava la macchina fotografica per connettere il mondo a il quartiere di Federal Hill.

Giovanna Franciosa, Bert Gallery Inc

Hanging Out FH, 1958 Murano Glass Studio IT, 1966

"I wanted to capture the extraordinary vitality of what’s going on, as life all around us is perking and boiling away." -Vitullo

Street Market FH, 1958 Before the Rush IT, 1966 Street Market Tableau FH, 1958 A Stroll Through St Mark's Square IT, 1966
Street Chat FH, 1958 An Italian Conversation, 1966

BIOGRAPHY: Carmel Vitullo grew up in Federal Hill among the cultural traditions practiced by the immigrants that live there. She first began to photograph during her high school years at Classical High School, and after two years of studying painting at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she decided to continue studying photography at the New York Institute of Photography.

Vitullo greatly admired the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, who influenced her to begin photographing in Federal Hill. She was inspired by Cartier-Bresson’s ability to capture local European scenes, and for Vitullo, Federal Hill was her connection to Europe, as the local community offered her a glimpse into that European world. In 1966, Vitullo visited Europe where she spent most of her time in Italy, experiencing the people, the culture and the European life style from behind the lens of her camera. She spent her time photographing and relating to her surroundings through the similarities she found with Federal Hill.

Pizza Place FH, 1958 On the Job IT, 1966 Buddies FH, 1958 Bar Senato IT, 1966

“Through the camera I was able to relate to Italy, as I found a lot of Federal Hill around me.” -Vitullo

Italian Market II FH, 1958 Barista E Apprendista IT, 1966 Corner Market FH, 1958 Street Corner Traffic IT, 1966

Limited Edition Prints of 20: Archival prints made from a digital scan of the original negative using laser photo processing. Prints are signed and numbered, 11'' X 14'' overall size. For more information on Carmel Vitullo contact us at

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