Beyond Advertising "The days of creating something that people don't need (or that hurts people) and yelling at them about it from the rooftops so that they buy it are waning. These businesses will soon be space junk."

win-win-win platforms are a simple way of describing when a brand, its users, and a third-party or cause are connected by a campaign.

Successful communications agencies will be brand stewards by creating work that fosters relationships with all stakeholders- internal and external.

Marry science and art to uncover insights

to connect deeply and personally

advertising needs to not only inform, entertain and surprise but connect.

4 Foundational Elements

a clear and consistent purpose in the world

authenticity and authority build trust in thought, word, and deed

in concert with fellow brand stewards

"Authenticity is a key tenet of social media generally, and online crowds quickly sniff out anything that's fake" - John M. Jordan

92% of people trust personal recommendations

35% of online buyers are willing to share personal information in return for targeted offers

Understanding consumers requires going back to the basics and remembering that even digital needs a human touch for it to be soulful.

Know your consumers to the finest details, from their dreams to their fears


people naturally self-organize based on shared values, interests, preferences, and behaviors

that will transcend categories and build on the premise that people are not fixed nodes.

Lifebuoy, a global soap company developed campaign to spread awareness of how hand washing a prevent the spread of serious diseases, especially in children. Lifebuoy donated a unit of the local currently for each share of the video - within a year 350,000 children were impacted.

Analytics, creative, design, & operational brilliance must come together to create a compelling, unifying Brand Purpose.

The growing need for utility and ease of use reflects the importance of design and how it is used to unleash exceptional experiences.

All touchpoints must come together seamlessly for an audience, while packaging, presenting and delivering upon actionable data requires nothing short of operational brilliance.

The Future of advertising and communications will move from channeling brand messages to designing and creating

Valuable Consumer-Brand Interactions

Advertisers must target conversations, not individuals.

it is less common for people to encounter advertising head-on.

Media channels of today are irrelevant in the future; we will instead see media buys for contexts, the act of being near a mall, watching a movie, or listening to happy music.

Connectivity is already virtually everywhere, and is only going to expand. How brands choose to embrace and utilize the connected world defines our exciting and challenging future.

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Alyson Kaye


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