My Utopian Society By: Samantha Melton

Language- We will communicate in English. We will communicate with each other by talk and text.

Food Supply- We will eat animals and plants. We will get the meat from animals from hunting them and buy the plants from farmers. We will get fruit from the farmers to eat. We will make the meat into sandwiches and things. We will use the fruit for salads and snacks. We will use the plants for making extra plates of food for other people who don’t have much.

Religion- My religion system will be Christianity. We will believe in God/Jesus. We will go to Church every Sunday and Wednesday.

Economics- Are civilization makes money by selling food and wood. We will also sell blankets and quilts made by women. The money will be distributed every 2 weeks on Wednesday. Everyone will get paid $3,500.

Government- My government will be a Democracy. The social structure will be: President, Mayor, Business people, Workers, People with no jobs, Kids

Technology- The type of technology that we use are phones, TV, iPads, and computers. What I have invented is food that makes itself. The kind of transportation they have is cars, helicopters, trains, and buses.

Culture- The fashion will be normal and change with each season, warm clothes for winter, tank tops and shorts for the summer. The sports are softball, baseball, volleyball, and football. The hobbies for my city would be reading, artwork, and playing outside.The food will be fruit, vegetables, and meat. We will listen to all kinds of music like pop, rock, country, and jazz. Our art will be paid painters painting portraits of all sorts of things and the other people will buy it. For literature we will have different kinds of books on romance, daring adventures, coloring books, doctors, and country living. The customs we will have is every December on the 25th we will celebrate Christmas, on October 31st we will celebrate Halloween, and April 16th we will celebrate Easter. Architecture will be the same all around so the society will look nice. We will have square houses with a triangular roof.

Education- The education system will be that the school grades start at Pre-K and go to 12th grade, and then go to college. They will learn math, science, english, history, physical education, music, and art. The lowest grade will start with ABC’s. Then the grades 1st to 5th will start on sounding out the letters and putting them together into small words, then big words and big sentences. Then grades 6th to 9th will work on writing essays, business letter, resumes, etc. The last 3 grades 10th, 11th, and 12th will start working on college stuff for when they graduate and go to college, like ACT's aspire and ACT's.

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