Adventures of a Year Rep Abigael Bamgboye

One of my highlights this year at Imperial has been the honour of holding the role of Year Representative. All in all, it has been a lot of work. But it has been immensely rewarding nonetheless.

Here's the actual job description for a Year Representative:

  • Act as a voice for your Year Group in Staff-Student Committee Meetings
  • Liaise with lecturers about tutorials and any other matters
  • Organise summer revision sessions

Your reward: Free Lunch during Staff Student Committee Meetings (Twice a Term)

Here's what I've got up to, with the help of my fellow Year Rep, Anthony (AKA A Bold Ant):

The duties stipulated above and...

  • Setting up in an informal events committees
  • Starting a Weekly Update (newsletter featuring tutorial work, exam dates, social opportunities, puns + a fun picture showing what members of our year have got up to that week)
  • Obtaining content for the weekly update
  • Emailing the Student Office
  • Visiting lecturers officers if they haven't replied to an email
  • Messaging MatSoc Committee members to check when events will be happening
  • Creating polls to help MatSoc know which events our year are interested in
  • Promoting said events via the Weekly Update

The truth is, you put in as much as you get out. There was definitely no obligation to do all of this, but it's been a lot of fun to do, so why not?

I also mentioned the events committee. It's essentially a facebook group chat of 10 or so people. When someone suggests an event, 2-6 of us will pitch in to bring it to a reality.

Materials Pre-Lecture Breakfast 1st Term

Events we've run this year have included:

  • 2 x Pre-lecture Breakfasts
  • 2 x Fancy Dress Days
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations
Christmas Jumper Day
  • Christmas Jumper Day & Secret Schanta
  • Valentines Day Pick Up Lines (Materials Related of course)
  • Pub Crawl**
  • Hall Crawl **
  • Black Tie Cocktail Night** (One of our own is a qualified bartender)

Other Materials-related events I've helped to organise include:

A Christmas Dinner Trip to China Town

Christmas Trip to China Town

A Weekend Trip to Spain :) (Why, you ask? Why not?)

Materials in Santander :D

Most of these events have been run completely independently from the department (besides obtaining the room booking for them). But the department was so impressed by our turn out from our first pre-lecture breakfast that they fully subsidised our second pre-lecture breakfast. #materialslove

It's an amazing privilege to be able to give back to the department and support my fellow students. I've had a fantastic time thus far, and I can't wait until next term.

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