The start "How it first came About"

  • When I was younger, I would hear voices in my head and I would also see things that were quite strange and when the voices in my head would tell me to do things I would do it because I didn't know what else to do I remember doing something the voices told me to do when I was younger because when I was once out playing with my neighbours (i think it was in rainy weather because we had umbrellas) and the voices told me to smack one of my neighbours around the head with my I did. After I did it she started crying and I told her I didn't know what came over me and I was very sorry. I wasn't. I was more confused than anything else. Another time what when I was at my nans house and my brother was sat on one of the chairs and that's when the voices then told me to crawl around the back of the chair and bite my brothers finger so I did. I told my brother I was sorry and I was. This was when I was about six.

There were a lot more things still kept happening.

When I was in my last couple of years of primary school I gradually got given the nickname "fairy" by my teacher miss Payne because I kept "daydreaming" but it was the fact that I was seeing things in the classroom that I didn't think anybody else could see, the things that I would see are horrible demon like creatures when they were in the class room, I couldn't take my eyes of it next thing I know the whole class has been trying to get my attention for about ten minutes. I remember that there were two girls at school who I hated (Ellie and Laura) they were popular, once my friend (I'll call her Danny) and I were going to go to the park we would usually go to but this time Danny wanted to go to a different park that was further away from my house, that's where the populars go. Before we got to the park I stoped at the shop to pick up some cherryaid incase we got thirsty, when we arrived at the park we saw some of the populars there, Danny knew that i hated the majority of them and she told me to stay calm. The kids we nice at first , there was one kid who was nice to me , his name was Taylor. The populars were talking to us for a while. I was on top of the climbing frame and Laura was on the floor I was sitting above her head level, I had the bottle of cherryaid next to me, Laura also Laura had a bottle of limited edition cherry-vanilla coke. I was minding my own business when Laura unscrewed the cap of her coke and pored it over my shoes and dungaries. I got mad so I jumped down from the climbing frame and unscrewed the cap of my bottle and then grabbed her by the hair and poured my 2 litre bottle of cherry aid in her Afro, she then got Callum's bottle of Dr Pepper and tried to soak me with it but Danny took my arm and pulled me out of the park and walked me home it's just that the voices told me to do it . I didn't know what I was doing.

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