Racing in the Rain By: Vicky

"I dont know. But I wondered why they waited for Eve's illness to make themseleves available for companionship." (115)

Many people do not understand how much their friendship means. They dont decide to always be there for their friends or talk to them. Why wait for a tragedy to notice someone who always worries for you? That is not reasonable especially when you barely know the person but wait until someone is dying to finally meet your family.

"I have to be grown up now- sometimes things change, and we have to change, too" (136)

No one can force us to change who we truly are, or what we believe in. Circumstances may happen but they can not change the way we are they may affect us temporarily but we have to stay true to ourselves. No matter what or who may be judging you stay confident in who you really are.

"...I'm not afraid of it anymore. Because it's not the end."(138)

When Eve says this she is being very honest to what she feels about death. She doesn't care of dying anymore because she knows she will die in peace with all her family happy. Although she may leave her family all alone she isn't afraid of dying anymore.

"When the pressure is intense and the race is only half completed, a driver who is being chased relentlessly by a competitor realizes that he might be better off pushing from behind than pulling from the front."(154)

When you are a leader in a place or a family you have full responsibility of the life of others but sometimes it's better to just watch from the back. This is a very true statement because when you can't go anymore nad you can't be a leader, instead you have to be in the back and let the others lead for you. Or if you can't lead then go to the back and push them from behind.

"Racing is about discipline and intelligence, not about who has the heavier foot."(155)

This whole book is referring to life as a race. I believe that this quote is reffering to life as a race because when you are living you don't have to prove yourself as the best because it wouldn't matter in 10 years from then. I think that when you prove yourself as smart then you are just being a fool. It matters to be successful in life not to be the best.


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