The Crewdxsdzz dance,music,fun,love!

Let me tell you a story: Something you didn't know before you came across this page. WAIT! You think you can handle this? Okay, you stubborn person, here goes...

As students, we want to make something of ourselves. We have a passion so strong, we can make it to the top. We want to bedazzle anyone who comes across us so we strive to do our best. With a mixture of freshmen, sophomores,juniors and seniors, we come together to make our imaginations get the best of us. We are the Crewxsdzz.

Chantel and Sessie

We find dance one of the best ways to release tension and have fun. We do the best dance moves and the look on our faces as we dance and the energy we bring can move mountains.

Emma and Seyram
We bring you a mix of African dances

"The Crewxsdzz can't dance" || The Crewxsdzz:

After busting our ***** till dawn and it's finally campus free time:

Asantewaa and David

David, Charlotte, Seyram, Gideon, Samira, Asantewaa, Chantel and Emma (counting from your left)

Basically, we infect you with joy and we have fun while at it fun....shrugs*
This is how we do it!

Okay! Whose idea was this?!!!!!......HEHE

When we rep'd our school on the website
Created By
Emma Forson


Michael Quansah

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