The Crewdxsdzz love,dance,music and fun!

Let me tell you a story: Something you didn't know before you came across this page. WAIT! You think you can handle this? Okay, you stubborn person, here goes.....ever heard of anyone with a dance passion?

As students, we want to make something of ourselves. We have a passion so strong, we can make it to the top. We want to bedazzle anyone who comes across us so we strive to do our best. With a mixture of freshmen, sophomores,juniors and seniors, we come together to make our imaginations get the best of us...............

We are the Crewxsdzz.


"I listen to everything. I dance to everything. Making my body move to everything possible allows me to be a part of a creative movement bigger than myself..... oh and I love Beyoncé - said every dancer ever" - David Okyere, The tell-it-like-it-is-snap-your-fingers-and-move-on twerk master....oops! I said it =)

Even though we like to believe we are on the highest level of extra curricular, we don't just leave it there........ David was the Vice Judicial and Electoral Committee Chairperson and would be graduating this year. David is an English guru- you would find most students chasing him to proof read their essays and while he is busy checking your work out, you can't help checking him out. *FLIPS HAIR*......He's classy like that.....

Marilyn Seyram Acolatse- The sweet mother of this group with her own bubbly collection of movements that'll get you all puppy eyed and appreciative of uniqueness, is also in her final year and a huge Beyoncé fan. Marilyn was the Judicial and Electoral Committee Representative of the class of 2017.

Selassie Ama Suka a.k.a Sessie- Another productive contributor to The Crewxsdzz. A natural hair enthusiast. Very logical. Very practical. She's on the basketball team, an Eco House representative and a role model for ladies who think they're "too big" to dance. If you're feeling down, just hang with Sessie and her vibes will get you into full gear. I wonder how she does it.......

#Popular phrase-" I'm crazy like that"

Chantel and Sessie

We find dance one of the best ways to release tension and have fun. We do the best dance moves and the look on our faces as we dance plus the energy we bring can move mountains.

Emma and Seyram
We bring you a mix of African dances

"The Crewxsdzz can't dance" || The Crewxsdzz:

After busting our ***** till dawn and it's finally campus free time:

Asantewaa and David

David, Charlotte, Seyram, Gideon, Samira, Asantewaa, Chantel, Sessie and Emma (counting from your left)

Basically, we infect you with joy and we have fun while at it.....shrugs*
This is how we do it!

Okay! Whose idea was this?!!!!!......HEHE

When we rep'd our school at Mr. Eazi's campus tour in Ashesi.

And this is only the beginning...

Created By
Emma Forson


Michael Quansah

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