How does gastroparesis affect the human body? By: Grace Grosskurth

What is gastroparesis?

This video will help explain what gastroparesis is and how it affects our bodies.

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What causes it and side affects:

Gastroparesis can be caused by a couple of different things. One thing that can cause GP is cancer treatments, another one is surgery involving the esophagus, stomach or upper part of of the small intestine can cause it.

It's not very well publicized or well known so not many people know what it it is or even how to pronounce it. Gastroparesis actually means "stomach paralysis".

Some of the symptoms are bloating, nausea, early fullness while eating, heartburn, wieght loss, delayed stomach emptying, it can affect the body's ability to digest and to absorb nutrients, which will lead to malabsorption problems and epigastric pain.

This is the stomach without gastroparesis.

At the very bottom, to the left the blue liquid is able to get to the hole at the bottom. At the top, the opening for food to go down is very tiny, so you don't throw up a lot.

This is the stomach with gastroparesis.

At the bottom to the left, the blue liquid can't get to the hole. At the top, the hole where food goes is really big, so you throw up more.

What it means and facts:

Gastroparesis actually means stomach paralysis.

There have a number of medications that people have tried, but none of them seem to work. The article below will have some facts about gastroparesis.

How it affects diabetes:

Even though gastroparesis affects at most, 75% of people with diabetes, itcan make it can diabetes worse.

My personal experience with GP.

My aunt has had GP for almost four years and it was from a surgery where the doctor completely severed the main vasovagal nerve . She has lost a lot of weight from when she first got it. She recently got a pacemaker. A pacemaker is something that you get in surgery to help your heart if it slows down. Some of the things that my aunt goes through on a daily basis are:

Low energy, short term memory, difficulty breathing, freezing cold all the time, a lot of medication that doesn't work, she can't work, she was put on disability (disability is where you have a very serious medical condition where you can't work so you get a small amount of money each month), can't walk or run very far, bounced around by doctors, had to get her appendix removed, dehydration, and eating and nutrition challenge.


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