ABC's of Culture By Melanie Baker

A: Art & Literature

Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup cans.
Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockbird.

B: Buildings

Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry.

C: Communication & Transportation

Most people communicate by technology.
Most people get around by car.

D: Dress

Many people are seen wearing jeans.
Many people also wear Converse shoes.

E: Economy

The economy mainly runs on services & COMPANIES.
Walmart is the biggest employer.

F: Family

Women can do most jobs men can.
Women have made their lives more equal to men over the last century.

G: Government

The Senate, President, etc all have power.
Everyone has to pay taxes even on the things they buy.

H: History

American Civil War: 1861 - 1865
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: April 15, 1865.

I: Icon

Animals evoke emotional responses from nearly everyone.
Religion also stimulates an emotional reaction.

J: Jobs

Many people work with retail.
Many people also work with (fast) food.

K: Knowledge

Knowedge is passed down through technology.
Knowledge is also exchanged verbally.

L: Language

English is common in America.
Spanish is also used in America.

M: Movement & Migration

People move in and out of culture.
Animals move in and out of culture.

N: National Pride

The flag an represent national pride.
Any memorials can symbolize national pride.

O: Organizations

CC: Creative Commons help expand the range of creative works to others.
UN: United Nations is used to promote international co-operation.

P: Population

Teenagers help shape our society.
English is a big thing that shapes our culture.

Q: Quality of Life

I would rate the average health of an american person a 7/10.
I would rate the average happiness of a person an 8/10.

R: Religion

Christianity is a big religion that is in America.
A lot of people celebrate Christmas in America.

S: Status

Walmart is a very well known business.
Races are tried to be treated equally.

T: Taboos

Swearing isn't very polite to use in public or around authority figures.
Most people are sensitive to talking about religion, so it's best to avoid it in public.

U: Urban or Rural

Most people live in the city.
Only around 15% of the US pop. lives in rural areas.

V: Vacation & Recreation

Many people go to amusement parks for Fun.
Lots of Americans love football.

W: Ways of Everyday Life

Making grocery lists.
Going to school.

X: X Marks the Spot

Eating habits can change based on where you live.
Clothing choice can change depending on where you live.

Y: Yum

Apple pie is an American food nearly everyone loves.

Z: Ztuff

Rock 'n' Roll.

American culture is very large with many things in it. I believe this is due to others coming to this country.

Created By
Melanie Baker


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