Good Life Tour of the Harn Project By Erik Viera

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The technique of the artist in the Uma-Mahesvara piece gave me a sense of togetherness and feeling of safety. It's that kind of feeling you get when embraced by a loved one you look up to when you were a child. I feel it is because of how 'together' all the figures are in the piece, all parts being connected by the medium in some way. It communicated to me that there is unity and fullness through love and devotion.

Design of the Museum

The Paula and Marshall Criser Garden is an excellent example on describing the design of the museum. The Designer Aaron Lee Wiener designed this garden with the intentions of creating background, middle-ground, and foreground to frame the sculpture within it. The lighting and placement of the sculpture really draws me into the exhibit. The use of natural light in this garden makes me can't help to think of the sculpture and what it symbolized in a positive way. The sculpture symbolized woman liberation, which I would think was put in such an exhibit to be portrayed positively.

Art and Core Values

I really resonate with the Seated Bodhisattva. It is believed that a Bodhisattva is one who refrains from entering enlightenment out of compassion for all others striving to reach the same goal. I feel like this deeply coincides with my values of empathy and leadership. I have always thought myself to be a helpful and caring person to others. Sometimes it's what keeps me going on certain days. If I know that I helped or guided at least one person in one day, I view it as a successful 24 hours of my life.

Art and the Good Life

I think that the Dancing Ganesh relates closest to the theme of Seeking the Good Life. Ganesh is said to be the most beloved representations of divinity in Hinduism and is revered across India as a solver of problems and bestower of blessings. Some of his symbolic attributes include a mouse at his feet. The mouse symbolizes the 'finding of the way'; that there is always a solution to a problem and that there is always a path to your goal. So through that, surely there must be some path one can discover to reach his or her good life, and Ganesh has inspired me to continue to look for mine.

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