"NEWS FROM THE COUNTRYSIDE MONTESSORI MIDDLE SCHOOL" weekly updates on what's going on in the community

For the past few weeks in Art Class, the Middle Schoolers have been working on improving our painting skills. The main inspiration for this project was Bob Ross. Bob Ross is an American painter who was TV show famous. Many of us finished up last Thursday, but some of us are still blissfully painting away. For those of us that needed some sort of inspiration, our art teacher, Ms. Jinny, had multiple landscape photos that we were able to look at.

Never believe anything in politics until it’s officially denied.

~Otto Von Bismarck.

As you may know from past newsletters, Peapod is something new we are using this year. Peapod is a service that delivers food to us so we don’t have to go out grocery shopping. Instead, that valuable time is set aside for cooking. This week, we went to the website to order the ingredients needed for our mac n’ cheese recipe. Everything came on time, and we ended up having a splendid meal.

For community lunch we invite people to come and enjoy our delicious meals. This past Friday we had the 6th graders, as well as some of the alumni, enjoy our food. We loved having them all at the middle school and spending time with them. We would jump for joy for you to drop in and enjoy our scrumptious meals any Monday or Friday. Just make sure to notify the office, then you can absolutely roll on over to lunch.

When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.

~Otto Von Bismarck

In math the past couple of weeks, Emma, Grace, Willem, Matthew and Sydney have been working on solving quadratics and factoring binomials. We started off by factoring with prime number coefficients and have since moved into factoring larger equations and solving quadratics. Currently, we are solving an equation where we need to factor perfect squares. We use the material to help us understand how the perfect squares can be factored.

I have never failed, only succeeded and learned.

~Nelson Mandela

Important Dates

Jan 27 - End of Second Quarter

Feb 3 - Teacher Retreat (half day)

Feb 14 - Valentine’s Day

Feb 23 - MRPC Visit (no school)

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