Caffeinated Academics The harmful effects energy drinks and soda may have on a child's academic development

Drinking excessive caffeinated beverages can lead teenagers to be lethargic. Lethargy can cause them to be prone to distracted behaviors while studying and in the classroom.

A child who drinks energy drinks and soda may be prone to fatigue which can cause them to fall asleep during class.

Parents can give their child healthier options such as fruit or granola to boost his or her energy and help brain function. With a more alert mind, the child may begin to perform better in school.

Children who drink less caffeine may be more adept to socializing with children their own age and may begin to develop a stronger desire for learning due to these newly formed relationships.

Giving their children less caffeine, parents may begin to see an improvement in their child's academic standing as the child is more alert during his or her classes.


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