The Peruvian Earthquake By: Matt Harrington

This earthquake took place in eastern Peru. In a densely populated village called Iberia. Located in the Madre de Dios region. This 7.6 magnitude earthquake had lots of potential for destruction. Peru is in the south American plate which is a convergent boundary. Where the Nazca plate goes underneath the South American plate, forming mountainous areas like the Andes mountains. Peru historically is use to earthquakes. The west coast of south America has had dozens of earthquakes with a magnitude greater then 7 in the past decade.

Machu Picchu

Luckily the affected region had a small population, so the earthquake didn't take many lives. This area in Peru is very tropical, with lots of wildlife and warm mountain ranges. It's on the border where Brazil meets Peru. Economically this region is very poor, the people in this region are isolated and that brings them to a disadvantage for people giving them support. Most people here fend for themselves and live on farms with improper houses and building materials.

This area did not get much support from there governments. Only about 6,000 people live in this region where you could be affected. Not many people were harmed but majority of there buildings were destroyed because of the wrong building materials and techniques.

Small mudslide


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