Technical Devices Inside Community Colleges BY FErnique pinder

College is suppose to be fun and interesting. Therefore, students should not be bored and unhappy during class.

Community Colleges need more technical seminars for professors to learn the special skills needed to teach their classes.

The answer is the use of more Apple Computers because they are more advanced and can help students receive some of the best quality features for their college assignments.

By using more on-hand devices students can become more interactive with the subject at hand.

Devices such as cameras and power point presentations can be more entertaining than a blackboard.

The everyday device that students use is the cellular phone. However, it can also be used to research information in class and downloaded apps can be used in class.

The use of e-books can improve study sessions and can allow students to have fun while reading or searching for homework answers.

The use of the IPad can be used for group presentations and it can be used for taking notes while in class instead of using a notebook.


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