Tattoos on the heart Love is good

As the title suggests this chapter is about slow work. Not just physical work but also mental and emotional work too. This chapter encompasses many recovery stories and the transition between boys to men. Father G shows much patience throught this chapter as he trys to help his homies. All and all this chapter states the long road to recovery.

Slow work

My personal favorite story was the story of Joey. Father described him as an adult in the body of a child(paraphrased). He started to sell crack at a very young age but in his older years came to father with some good news. He got a job at chucky cheese, it may not seem like much but as the name of this chapter states this is slow work. I pesonally think that this story supports the title well.

The name says it all. This chapter focuses on gladness. Thorough each of the stories, it shows you a bit of gladness in every one. It may be right there in your face, or you might have to do a little diging to find it. But where ever you go here , you see gladness.


My personal favorite story was that of Moreno. This story states that a young man Moreno is now starting up school agian. He tells father that he hates almost everything that is tought, except biology. He goes on a massive monologue stating how its the best. But this shows that even if you hate something alot, you can still find something good in it.

You probably get the idea, this chapter focuses on success stories. Throughout it you can find small advances to giant leaps. It shows that it does not matter where you come from, its what you do with your life that matters. This chapter greatly states this and overall was amazing. On to the road of success.


In the first story, father states that people don't want him to tell success stories. They claim that if there is success than the story does not need to be told. He then goes on to remind us of the first chapter when he talks about scrappy where he is now on graffiti crew. He then tells us that that alone was a success story. This "story" tells us that nit all success story need to be blasé, the can be minor victories as well

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