Photography Challenge yourself workshop

A full day of learning by doing

This workshop is designed to cater for all levels of expertise. While some basic photographic knowledge is helpful it isn't essential.

42˚C at sunset with a weak storm passing. An F8 and be-there moment.

Our mission for the day is to send everyone home a better photographer.

We want you to go away with improved technical skills, a new appreciation of the near endless possibilities available to you and a new sense of who you are as a photographer.

Building on the basics.

Throughout the day, Ian will introduce you to several real life photographic challengers. Some preplanned, others, just like in real life, will appear, seemingly from nowhere.

A beautiful model, fabulous location and darkness moving in fast, finding a workable solution using a quick easy to learn thought process.

Little changes big rewards

Most photography workshops teach equipment and editing techniques. There is no doubt that stuff is important, so too is content, planning, and having the skills to adapt to changing conditions. A technically perfect photograph of a boring subject equals a boring picture. Throughout the day, Ian will endeavour to inspire you to see the world through your own eyes. Tell the world your story by putting your slant on the pictures you create.

During the day, we will shoot a number of setups, or locations, each with its own unique challengers

It is all about you.....

Clearly Ian will during the day run through a number of aspects of photography and using you camera. However, he much prefers to field your questions. That way he knows the stuff he is telling you is relevant to your needs.

With over 40 years of shooting full time for a living he has a wealth of knowledge covering things like TV news gathering, TV commercials, corporate and industrial photography, book illustration, weddings, portraits, newspaper and editorial work plus PR, Advertising and studio work.

We're going to shoot someone!

We'll have a model in during the day. Ian will talk you through working with a model. Lighting and posing tips, plus traps to be avoided. He will then set up and shoot a number of variations for you. Our model then takes a break, while we discuss what we've learned, before returning to work with you as a group to create a set of images.

This content of this session will naturally depend on the model Ian has chosen for the day. The tips tricks and techniques will be entirely different for a sizeable tattooed bikie than they would be for a young attractive beauty queen. Really.... who would have thought that?

After workshop bonuses

Along with the content presented by Ian during the day, attendees will have access to an online set of course notes, including a couple of little how-to videos.

What is my investment?

All tickets include morning/afternoon refreshment break. We take a break for lunch, bring your own or buy some nearby. If we are working out in the middle of nowhere Ian will have something available to keep you going.

All inclusive price $169.00 which includes GST Refunds available for cancellations up until 48 hours before the advertised start time. (that isn't exactly true, I think the booking system retains a small fee for their service)

Another one of those F8 and be there kind of pictures. Having a plan of how you would shoot something like this helps.
And if you've made it all the way to this point, thank you for checking out our "Challenge Yourself" workshops