是魔鬼的武器,還是中國人的驕傲?(一) 偷竊摩托羅拉技術

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The Devil’s Weapon or the Hero of the Chinese



華為作為「中國2025」橋頭堡 陰謀間諜活動在美國二十多年。


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Why the U.S. Department of Justice uses the RICO Act now

Huawei as "China 2025"s pioneer, conducting espionage in the United States for more than two decades.

If you can't explain how and the details of Huawei's organized crime, then please be patient with this tweets and spread the truth.




二十年前,北美有三家世界級的無線技術公司,Lucent Technologies(U.S.),Nortel Networks(Canada),和摩托羅拉(U.S.)。


黑客、偷竊 、不公平(無成本)競爭徹底威脅這些公司發展。

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Chinese Criminal Group - Huawei Branch of the PLA

First, the criminal group covered up the company's PLA(people's liberation army)attributes.

Twenty years ago there were three world-class wireless infrastructure companies in the North America, Lucent Technologies (U.S.), Nortel Networks(Canada), and Motorola(U.S.).

Huawei has grabbed the market of the Internet equipment industry with low price under the CCP's subsidy!

IP Theft, unfair (zero R&D cost) competition completely threatens these companies.



2007年2月28日,一位名叫HanJuan Jin(金漢娟)摩托羅拉工程師在奧哈爾機場被海關人員攔住。特工搜查了她,發現了3萬美元的現金,一袋裝滿摩托羅拉文件,標有「機密和專利」,還有一張去北京的單程票。


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Stealing Motorola's Wireless Technology

On February 28, 2007, a Motorola engineer named HanJuan Jin (金漢娟) was stopped by customs officers at O'hare Airport. Agents searched her and found $30,000 in cash, a bag full of Motorola documents labeled "Confidential and Proprietary ", and a one-way ticket to Beijing.

She was arrested.




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The federal indictment states that a Chinese executive had let her steal confidential Motorola documents, schematics, military communications plans, and more.

She graduated from IIIinois Institute of Techonology (IIT) and was hired as a software engineer by Motorola in 1998. She was paid well at the time and bought a townhouse in Schaumburg, where Motorola's headquarters is located.



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From 2006 to 2007, Jin Hanjuan was taking medical leave from Motorola. Investigators said that despite her claiming a serious illness, she was actually going to Beijing to work for a Chinese technology company. The technology company is affiliated with the Chinese military, and the company allegedly hired her in hopes that she could steal secrets from Motorola.





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In February 2007, Jin Hanjuan returned to Motorola from medical leave. A federal investigation found that she did download hundreds of confidential documents from Motorola's internal network, including those related to public safety organization in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, under China's command.

The most critical aspect of this case is the "push to talk" feature of Motorola's mobile phone. Prosecutors claim that this technology will benefit the Chinese military.

Conviction of theft of trade secrets.


涉案的是中國大陸軍方開發產品的陽光凱訊科技公司(Sun Kaisens)。

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The case involved Sun Kaisens tech company, a Chinese telecommunications company and supplier to the Chinese military。


調查她的時候 FBI發現了她同時在為一家叫LEMKO的公司服務。這公司由一位在威斯康星大學獲得博士學位,在摩托羅拉工作十年的潘绍偉(Pan Shaowei)創立.


他負責60項專利開發,並升任摩托羅拉無線商業組的總監。 2004年,他在摩托羅拉總部的城市建立了LEMKO,隨即去見了任正非和華為高層!

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While investigating her, the FBI found that she was also working for a company called LEMKO, was founded by Shaowei Pan, who earned a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked for Motorola for ten years .

He was responsible for 60 patent developments and was promoted to director of Motorola's Architecture and Engineering Group. In 2004, he established LEMKO in the city of Motorola's headquarters, and then went to meet with Ren Zhengfei and Huawei executives!



潘紹偉在外面成立LEMKO,他的老婆和另一中國員工白雪峰不斷在偷軟體的碼。 FBI有他把資料給華為副總裁的證據。


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The company's goal is to steal Motorola's wireless technology to Huawei.

Pan Shaowei founded LEMKO, his wife and another Chinese employee, Bai Xuefeng, were constantly stealing software code. The FBI has evidence that he gave the Motorola confidential documents to the vice president of Huawei.

Pan wrote an email to Ren Zhengfei saying: "If our plan can proceed smoothly, LEMKO can complete the task without Motorola."



從此華為世界第一無線基礎設施業務,370億美元的全球業務,佔28%。 根據聯邦檢察官的說法,其「EASYGSM」基地站為2G無線網絡,就是摩托羅拉技術。 摩托羅拉的無線業務不斷下降,該公司在2010年把無線業務賣給諾基亞。

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Motorola and LEMKO reached a settlement in 2012! The power of BGY!

Since then, Huawei has become the world's No. 1 telecom infrastructure vendor with a $37 billion in sales, accounting for 28% of global telecom equipment market share. According to federal prosecutors, its "EASYGSM" base station is a 2G wireless network, which is Motorola technology. Motorola's wireless network business is declining, and the company sold the wireless network infrastructure assets to Nokia in 2010.


神奇的是 LEMKO 還神秘地在伊利諾州…

Pan ShaoWei (潘紹偉)還在。

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What's most wierd thing is that LEMKO is still in Illinois, secretly...

Pan Shaowei(潘紹偉)is still in the United States.