The Chinese History 1911-1928 By: Cole P, Nicholas M, Will M

From @SunYat heading in the right direction! The republic of China is on it's way. #FreeChina October 10, 1911.

From @SunYat Too hyped to become the new Prez. #MakeChinaGreatAgain Janurary 1, 1912.

From @YuanShakes Republic of China is mine. Sorry not sorry. @SunYat #byebye March 10, 1912

From @SunYat I knew @YuanShakes wouldn’t live up to my abilities. #ImDope 1916

From @SunYat I'm coming back stronger than ever. #JoinTheRevolution 1920

From @KMT Out with the old and in with the new leader. Welcome @KaiShek. #NewBeginning

From @KaiShek I'm angry and I'm bout to murder some communist leaders. #subversive #MembeanWord 1927

From @KMT Kickin the Communists out for good! #OurHouse #Leave 1934

From @KaiShek Gettin out of here and moving to Taipei. #I’mOut #TooCrazy 1949

From @MaoZed Just got a chance to proclaim the founding of @PRC #AllTheWayUp 1949

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