Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jennifer Ascano

Introduction: Walking through the Florida Museum of Natural History was a very pleasant experience. Not only do you get to admire the beauty the museum offers, you also learn about the mysteries this diverse planet we live on entails. Many of the exhibits pertained to nature in Florida, while many other exhibits pertained to displays of different ecosystem and wild life around different parts of the world. My knowledge of the Earth expanded after visiting and learning about the different exhibits that the museum offered.

Entrance to Butterfly Garden

Nature on Display: The entrance to the Butterfly Exhibit was beautiful and caught my attention as soon as I walked through the entrance. I absolutely adored how it felt as if the butterflies were truly flying above you. I also really loved how there were monitors showing moving butterflies as you walked by. The walls were covered with information of different types of butterflies, fun facts, and all the different names of butterflies. It was really neat being able to walk through the Butterfly Garden after reading all about the butterflies before hand in the entrance and seeing them for yourself.

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and Ethics: The Butterfly Rain forest allowed individuals the opportunity and the chance to appreciate nature the way Leopold recommends. It was definitely an exhibit that allowed me to get a first hand experience and connect with nature. I thought it was very peaceful and beautiful to see all the butterflies interact with each other. The Natural History Museum allowed visitors of the museum to connect with nature by placing benches all over the vicinity, which allowed people to admire and appreciate their surroundings. The museum also had pieces of oranges for the butterflies to eat, which allowed people to enjoy the beauty the butterfly garden had to offer. I did feel an ethical responsibility as I walked through the garden, making sure I was aware of my surroundings and being cautious of not harming any of the wild life. The Butterfly Rain forest made me feel nothing but happiness. Many of the other individuals in the exhibit were Good Life students as well, but there were also a lot of photographers and families with children. Other people, especially the little ones, were frightened of the exhibit in the beginning. Anytime a butterfly would fly near the group of siblings, they would try to hide behind each other and grab each other's hands. After some time and reassurance from their father, the children would giggle every time a butterfly flew by. Seeing others enjoy the exhibit made me feel happy. The Butterfly Garden instilled in me love, admiration and respect for the beauty of nature,

Shark exhibit

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by allowing the experience of seeing things and learning about things that one may not have known about prior to visiting. The act of visiting the museum is already a step out of our ordinary routine lives. The museum helps us better understand who we are and appreciate the mysteries of the natural world. It educates those who visit about the different wonders of the world. For instance, this exhibit really was intriguing to me. It showed me truly how magnificent the world and its inhabitants are. The jaw of any one of the sharks I saw today would completely engulf my 5'9'' self. There are some pretty amazing creatures in the natural world, and this visit to the museum helped me realize many incredible things about the natural world.

All pictures used in the Spark Story were taken by Jennifer Ascano.

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