My Collage By your's truly iyahnni qualls

My name is Iyahnni Qualls and for this project we were assigned to make collages out of pictures we cut out in magazines but the things we cut out had to mean something to us in its own way .This is my portrait. The different things I chose to create this collage all have its own meaning, like as you can see there is a lot of basketball related things because that is a sport that I love to play. There is a sort of balance and contrast between the pictures and quotes shown. Also I personally love different scenery every once in a while that's why there are different contrasting landscapes. For this project we were supposed to chose a focal point and place it into a third but honestly I think the focal point of something may just depend on who that person is because for me the focal point would be, the one and only Kobe Bryant but that may be because basketball is a very important thing in my life. If I were to ask someone else they may say the focal point is the army jacket or the quotes love and free, it just depends. What does your focal point mean about you ?

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