India: Our friends By: Francisco Nephtalí Armando RODRIGUEZ solano Soriano amaya

This is Filipe Torres, his food advisor
Felipe's grand
What is life

My reporter, FNARSSA (initials), is on a trip of India and all its wonders. So far this is what he found (Filipe Torres not included).

I'd love to get on this ride
Best meal
Wilber Tompkins
The poor people on the streets

The current population of India is at a staggering 1,335,499,800. It's so close to surpassing China as the most populated nation that they can touch it. There are so many poor people on the streets, it's like looking at New York. The food is so good that it beats the maggot covered cheese from Italy. It would be a tied but at least the Indian food didn't leave me in the bathroom for a month. I love the way I see those people that aren't breathing, they're such calm and quiet people. There are so many people in the cities. I mean, I don't blame them, those carnival rides look so fun, especially the crane. I went on one and I only got a full body cast for 9 months.

There are a lot of kids, playing on the streets. They are going to be influential to the future of India with the adults retiring, they will take over those jobs and have kids of their own. They like to play games, they told me that they wanted to play with me. The premise was to egg my car. It was okay but then I had to clean my car. That was a fun 79 hours. When I finished it smell like American burgers, Apple Bees and despair. The schooling in India is bad with a lot of poor kids in crap schools, all worn out and old. I feel bad for most of them besides the ones that played egg the weird guys car.

Those children end up having an opportunity to work for a company. The company most popular is called Hobo Jerris 'R Us Utica Shaniqua, or HJRUUS if you want it like that you odd little human. They do grueling work to understand the operators expressions and actions. They get paid a staggering 1$ an hour and work 24/7. Not bad (pls don't tell them about minimum wage, they'll get me and throw me off the executive pool, which is 68 stories high). We make them look at the most grueling things on earth, things that no person should ever see alone (pretty much How I Met Your Mother, 50 shades of grey and Up) so they are ready for the world. I'm going to tell you how India has a comparative advantage but first let me show you some useless pictures.

My sister when I ask her a question
Those creepy people in New Dehli

I did promise you that I would show you how India has a comparative advantage, didn't I? Fine. Let's start off on what comparative advantage is I guess. Do I have to actually? Okay, the editor says I do. I blame the economy, oh yea comparative advantage. It's how one country or person, or even object is superior in a specific field compared to its competitor or another of its kind. I didn't get that off the internet in your face editor. India is much better than America at certain things. They have great phone services and they are awake a long time, if it's 9AM here it's 11PM and that's a huge commitment. You wouldn't see an American responding politely at that time of day unless they had some really good adult beverage and you have to appreciate India for that. They also have the best car egging kids in all of Asia, in my opinion (that's 79 hours of my life I'll never get back). I think I'm done let me show one more picture.



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