The Heist a level 10 adventure

Meet the party


Jaaggruth Kondakalla

Jaaggruth has been playing D&D for three years now. He is a forever DM, which means that he is almost always the DM when he is in a campaign. He loves writing plots and working with his characters’ backstories. He almost always runs campaigns in homebrewed worlds because he loves worldbuilding. If he had to pick a favorite race and class, it would be a tiefling monk. Jaaggurth says his favorite thing that players do is role-play with each other. He likes being able to sit back and let them interact with each other and the story. He created a one-shot for the party to play with level 10 characters.

Robyn Haddad

Robyn started playing D&D when she joined her brother’s campaign with his friends. She ended up finding a party with some of her now graduated friends, and she loved the game. She has played “Lost Mine of Phandelver,” but she enjoys homebrewed worlds. Robyn also listens to D&D podcasts and YouTube videos to familiarize herself with the rules. Her first character that she still currently plays is a tiefling wizard. She feels powerful when she automatically hits with Magic Missile.

Robyn will be playing Malaria, an air genasi rogue. She was abandoned by her mother as a child and grew up on the streets where she picked up her thieving abilities. Malaria is chaotic neutral and generally very off-putting. Her weapon of choice is a dagger. She mostly out adventuring for the money. She doesn’t have much a life to go back to, so she might as well make it more exciting. She does have a good moral compass, but will ultimately look out for herself first.

Ri Pritchard

Ri got started playing TTRPGs a year and a half ago. He plays in D&D 5e and loves being both a DM and a player. His favorite class is the artificer, and DPS or tanks are his typical role in the party. He loves utilizing his artificer infusions in creative ways, often playing as a warforged. Replicate Magic Item is his favorite artificer infusion. He also loves the logical challenge and organized mechanics of combat.

Ri will be playing as Fives, a warforged battlesmith artificer. He hails from Eberron, specifically Xen’drik, but he traveled to Khorvaire in search of the answer to his only question: why was he created? How was he created? Fives is very intelligent, but has a poor understanding of humanoid interactions. He is lawful neutral and approaches most encounters with logic. His steel defender in the form of a dog stands by his side.

Ciara Kenny

Ciara started playing RPGs during her sophomore year. She plays in both Cyberpunk 2020 and D&D 5e. She got started from her friends in tech crew who were starting up a campaign. Her favorite part of the game is hanging out with her friends and joking around. In the game, she likes playing support characters. Her current character, an air genasi pact of the celestial warlock, doesn’t fit the normal warlock stereotypes and is instead a healer. Her favorite spell is the Mage Hand cantrip for its usefulness and comedic potential.

Ciara will be playing Rashoz, a half-orc sorcerer of draconic origins. He is muscle-for-hire in many circles, but only out of necessity. Having a young son to support as he gets more sick, Rashoz is taking riskier and riskier jobs to pay for treatment. He is true neutral, not wanting to do more harm than necessary, but not easy to trust others either. He wields his trusty daggers but tends to rely on his magic in a tight spot.

Gray Corkey

Gray has been playing in D&D 5e for about a year and a half. They love to play half-elves or changelings, and they are a cleric main, normally taking a support role in the party. Their favorite setting is Eberron, although they play in a lot of homebrew worlds. They prefer being a player than a DM, but they love writing plot as a co-DM. Their favorite cleric domain is the grave domain for the Sentinel at Death's Door ability and the max healing for creatures at 0 HP. Their favorite spells are Commune and Word of Recall.

Gray will be playing as Kethryllia, a half-elf grave domain cleric of the Wildmother. Kethryllia is a 15-year-old girl who left her village in the woods to go on a quest. She was prophesied to be the one to find the Shard of the Equinox, which is a relic that was created by Melora herself. She doesn’t know what it does or where it is, but she is determined to find it. Keth is neutral good and very calm in the face of danger. She wields a mace and a shield covered in flowers and vines.

The adventure log

Kethryllia, Fives, Malaria, and Rashoz each individually received a letter from an unknown sender, telling them to meet at the Owlbore Tavern. They bumped into each other at the door. Rashoz’s protective father habits immediately questioned what Kethryllia, and 15-year-old, was doing out so late. Fives knocked on the door, realized that you’re supposed to just walk in, and entered the tavern, followed by the rest of the party. They presented their letters to the tavern owner, who, though annoyed, directed the party to the basement of the tavern.

There, they entered a very small room with maps and plans all over the table. Malaria noticed a small trap door on the ceiling and climbed up onto the desk to open it. Out fell an elven man. He quickly identified that party as his hirees and gave them their mission. They were to go to Gin Hell’s gala tomorrow night and kidnap Amelia Rosetti. There was a feud between this man’s family and the Dragonfang family. The party did not question why they were to capture Amelia; they didn’t want to get too involved. The elven man also told them that they have an inside source, a drow named Korgraz. They could speak a code phrase to him to get his assistance. Their reward would be 1,000 gold each and plenty of gems. Additionally, if they could steal the Dragon Orb, an heirloom that was stolen from the man’s family, then they would be gifted with several thousand more gold. The man told them that the Dragon Orb is enchanted with necromantic and illusory magic. Finally, the man told him to call him Ocean, for he did not want to reveal his true name in case the mission failed.

The party met with Ocean again the next day, and he supplied them with the formal wear for the gala. They did some more planning and decided to capture Amelia and use her to take them to the Dragon Orb. They debated what weapons they could bring, and they ended up leaving behind their armor, shields, and large weapons to avoid suspicion. Fives brought with his maul, posing as Kethryllia’s body guard. Malaria and Rashoz went in separately. Once at the party, Kethryllia spotted Amelia and Korgraz sitting and chatting at the bar. Malaria and Korgraz sat at the table next to them and eavesdropped. They overheard them talking about the Dragon Orb and learned that they’re planning to do something with it. However, two natural ones later, Rashoz leaned too far over and dropped his drink, startling Amelia. Her guard was up now. Malaria, knowing from Ocean that Amelia loves expensive drinks, struck up a conversation with her to discuss the bar menu. They flirted a bit, but ultimately, Amelia was hard to get through. Rashoz stepped in and entertained with some card tricks. They played a quick game, and Rashoz won with the assistance of Fives’s Flash of Genius, so he offered to discuss a business deal somewhere private.

Malaria followed close behind, but Fives and Kethryllia stayed where they were to avoid suspicion. Besides, it’s hard to sneak around a seven-foot-tall warforged. In the room, Amelia and Rashoz discussed a possible business deal, but she saw through all of his lies, and Rashoz immediately cast Confusion on her. He ran out to Malaria in the hall and told her to think of a plan quickly. She brought up Fives and Kethryllia. Rashoz grappled Amelia before the Confusion spell wore off. Once it did, Kethryllia cast Zone of Truth, and Amelia failed the save. She couldn’t tell a lie while she was in the room. As soon as she could speak, Amelia offered to pay them three times as much as they offered if they let her go and tell her who sent them. Kethryllia asked what the Dragon Orb does. She cryptically said they would find out later in the week, but with some pushing, she said they were going to bring back an ancient black dragon. Despite the threat of a terrorizing dragon, Malaria was the first to admit that Amelia makes a good deal. The whole party has very low stakes with these families, and they’re mostly here to fund their other adventures.

Created By
Gray Corkey