Yellowstone Day 1 Montana 2014 - Part V

In which Tina and Adam get acquainted with the park and learn about the benefits of thunderstorms.

We got started relatively early (for us) and headed into the park. We took the Storm Point nature trail near Fishing Bridge. The 2.5 mile loop took us out to the shores of Yellowstone Lake.

Storm Point

It was a beautiful, if windy morning, and we saw gorgeous scenery, wildflowers, (probably) fox tracks, a snowshoe hare, and a ridiculously patient marmot.

Next we headed back up North and stopped at the Mud Volcano area to check out some of the thermal features.

The quintessential Yellowstone shot: a bison, some thermal features steaming away, and a bunch of cars pulled over to the side of the road.

We drove up through the Hayden Valley, where despite the dozens of people pulled over, there were no bears or wolves to be seen...yet.*

*A common literary technique known as foreshadowing.

We did a quick drive by of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and ate lunch with our stuffed buffalo friend at Canyon visitor's center.

We drove around the southern rim of the caldera and got to the old faithful parking lot. I won't beat around the bush here--we gave up.

With a bit of travel fatigue, a thunderstorm looming, and an ripening pile of laundry lured us back to the hotel for the afternoon. Laundry got laundered, the thunderstorm thundered and we emerged rested around 6:00.

We drove the twenty-odd miles back into the park and the stream of cars LEAVING the park rarely broke. Luckily my contrariness outweighs my judgment and we kept going. I mean it is a giant volcano after all, and they MIGHT know something I don't.

A Giant Volcano

Anyway...the park was almost empty and we could almost anywhere we wanted, and the crowds were very light. We visited a number of thermal features...The park was almost empty and we could almost anywhere we wanted, and the crowds were very light. We visited a number of thermal features...

...and then we went to see Old Faithful.

I mentioned that everyone had left, right?

On our own

There was hardly anyone around as we watched the sun set and cast a vibrant rainbow through the shattered remains of the thunderstorm, and waited for Old Faithful to erupt.

Sunset at Old Faithful

Which it did...right on time.


I'm not sure how we could go about replicating the experience, but it was so moving we went inside and dropped a fortune in the gift shop.

We headed back for a well-deserved, but all-to-short night's sleep.

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