Meet Addy

In 2018, Addy and her sister Bella, who has Autism, joined the NWSRA recess games and sports skills program. At the program, Addy was shy, quiet and followed directions, standing by her sister throughout the program. Recognizing that Addy could benefit from being more socially involved, NWSRA staff encouraged Addy to join the Sibshops program. This program invites siblings of individuals with disabilities to connect and recreate within a safe, fun and inviting atmosphere.

At the first Sibshop group, Addy made a friend. The next week they quickly bonded, exchanging screen names on a video game, and laughing together throughout Sibshops activities. Since then, Addy has never missed a program. Due to the opportunity provided, she has developed confidence, independence and a competitive spirit.

From Addy’s mother Anita:

About five years ago my daughter Annabella was diagnosed with Autism. It was a really dark time in my life. I hadn’t known much about Autism. I hadn’t seen a non-verbal child, or maybe I just hadn’t noticed. Bella had a four year old sister that didn’t understand either. With each passing year she would ask me “when is my sister going to talk?” It broke my heart, but I had no answer. There were few places that understood Bella. Many times we’d separate as a family due to places that Bella couldn’t tolerate...or that wouldn’t tolerate her.

One day we came across NWSRA. We enrolled Addison and Bella in a Sports Recess Class together. Bella fit in and Addison felt good about being there for her sister. She joined Sibshops soon after, (where’s she’s currently on cover) a program for siblings with special needs. She enjoys it very much. This was a program that was for Addy, where she could be with other kids that “got it”. NWSRA programs and events have brought us together as a family again. I just would like to thank each and every one at NWSRA for helping my family not feel alone anymore. NWSRA has made us feel that no matter our differences, we still matter and belong.

Children spend more than 7 hours per day in front of a screen (TV, computer, video games, etc.).- Dowshen, 2015. Unplugging has been shown to help improve quality of life, help you feel more recharged everyday, help you sleep better, and improve your interpersonal communication.

NWSRA provides children with special needs opportunities to have fun, make friends, go new places, learn new things, be included and celebrate their lives. However, even though NWSRA keeps costs as affordable as possible, it is still out of reach for some families. SLSF, the fundraising arm of NWSRA, provides scholarships to those in need. Be a part of a child’s amazing experience by donating to SLSF.

  • $25 will send a child to camp for 1 day
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  • $1000 will send a child to camp for the summer

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