Phys Ed At Liberty University Setting Healthy Habits For Life

College is a crucial period of a time for students- it is a time of fast growth, where everything is soaked up and learned very fast

What Stress Looks Like

Students are frequently under high stress and lack the time and motivation for physical exercise

A college should remember that preparing students for their careers is important but nurturing their physical health is just as critical

Teamwork- A Time For Interacting With Others And Exercising Together
Variety of Sports
P.E. Provides the Opportunity For Different Physical Movement

P.E. will be able to provide the minimal required amount of physical exercise for healthy living

Instilling the values of a physical exercise-filled lifestyle in students will help to prevent mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, To other more serious cases of which many students are at risk of developing in college because of stress and pressure

Without Health: Nothing else is possible and a person cannot reach optimal performance in other aspects of life such as one's career which the college is trying to prepare students for

Time To Refresh - P.E. is a time for refreshing and gaining renewed strength and focus for continued study in other courses

Beyond college - Healthy living

Because it became a part of the student during college years where one's growth is in the finalizing stages

Passing it on to the next generation

Better quality of life and well-being

Phys Ed At Liberty University will prepare students for L I F E ! ! !


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