Chapter 19 Section 5 IDs By chris callaN, Mike falco, and Bryan Carlucci

Labour Party (Great Britain)- Formed to protect and advocate for worker's interests and social welfare programs

Constitution of 1875 (France)- established the third French republic

Emperor William II (Germany)- authoritarian, conservative, military-bureaucratic state. He calls for overseas expansion and is very fond of German Nationalism.

Tsar Nicolas II- became the last Russian tsar in 1894. Lost he Russo-Japanese War. Assassinated because the poor were starving. Established the Duma.

Triple Alliance- an alliance created in 1882 that consisted of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. Each nation would promise to assist the other in attaking ir defending their common enemy, France.

Triple Entente- a linkage or alliance between the Russian empire, the French third republic, and the U.K. of Great Britain. They all became allies in 1907. This was created to balance the force of the Triple Alliance.

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