Grant Saepharn Journal Entry: Digital Learning

The initial readings/media texts have sparked my interest and engaged me in digital learning. I am constantly surprised and fascinated by how quickly technological advancements are changing and impacting the ways we learn and teach. Being born closer to the beginning of Generation Y (millennial), I grew up developing a decent understanding of computers and the internet; however, my knowledge of technology does not even compare to the current Generation Z. Reading both articles made me reflect on my past and current experience with technology and education. As suggested in both articles, technology as it relates to education can create positive learning opportunities and challenges. In the paper by Li (2015), the author discusses how technology is affecting learning spaces, learning modes and learning materials. When I was an undergraduate student, distance education was the term used for online learning. I remember taking a couple of ‘distance education’ courses which were the equivalent to online courses today. At the time, I was skeptical and thought I would not learn as much. I found I enjoyed online learning, especially because I could learn at my own pace. I never would have imagined that I would be completing a Masters entirely online. One trend in how technology is changing learning spaces that I am not familiar with is the use of Augment Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in education. I can see how this type of learning space could benefit and cater to certain learners; however, I believe we still have a long way until we see the use of AR and VR in class rooms. Another learning technology that I am not accustomed to are Interactive White Boards (IWB). I understand this technology is the norm in many schools; however, when I was a student overhead projectors and white boards were the norm. I've come across IWBs in the past and I feel capable of using them; however, I would not have the knowledge nor experience to utilize them to their full potential.

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