London A cool place to travel

London, also known as the United Kingdom (the UK), can be an amazing place to visit. The only way of getting there is by flying obviously because I'm sure if you were to walk, the body of water known as the ocean would probably stop you. The flight from New York, or America in general to London is about 6 hours long. But though it may be a long flight, the wait is worth it because London is a beautiful site to see.

In London, there are many wonderful sites to see. Some include the Houses of Parliament, Greenwich Park, The Tower of London and so much more. But the main thing one should see is the famous Big Ben.

Big Ben

Connected to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben is an iconic landmark of London that no one should miss when they visit London. It is one of the tallest things you will ever see when you visit. This clock was built 158 years ago, as it opened in 1859. Fun fact about the clock tower, Big Ben's nickname is a discussion for debate as a true backstory behind it is a little mystery. Though one theory is that the name came from the man named Sir Benjamin Hall, who oversaw the installment of the Great Bell.

London is definitely a place one should go, as it it filled with great historical landmarks and new adventures to be had. Before you come to visit, however, you will have to trade your American money for some London money, also known as pounds. The currency is a bit confusing in the UK, but I'm sure just like their different timezones and their interesting way of driving on the wrong side of the street, you will figure out how it works an get use to it. Just so you can arrive back home in America and get confused all over again.

The big ferris wheel in London, another iconic landmark that one should see

So I hope your trip to London, if you chose to go there, is a great one. The total cost of your whole trip depends how long you were to stay there, but a trip there for 10 days including the hotel and food and airlines and basically anything one needs to enjoy a nice vacation comes to a total of $710 (and thats just in the United States). It will most likely cost more if you tend to stay longer. Hopefully you enjoy your trip as you'll never forget the experience.


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