We took TUNED ON on the road to Manchester to celebrate International Women’s Day

with Ms, Millennial and the Music Industry; bringing together an all-female panel at the forefront of the industry!

To coincide with International Women’s Day we celebrated some of the UK’s most dynamic young women in the music industry as they shared stories of their journeys to date, offered advice, guidance, encouragement and most of all inspiration to the next generation of music industry visionaries, featuring some of the women currently championing their roles within the industry.

Tuned On panel events give young people the opportunity to get a first hand account of the music industry and a chance to meet the people that inspire them to pursue a careers in music, as well as confronting the issues and difficulties faced by entry level entrants to the business.

Our panel including Parris OH (Sony Music UK), Rebecca Ayres (Sound City), Karen Gabay (BBC Radio Manchester), DJ Georgie K (Unity Radio) and DJ Melody Kane (BBC 1Xtra) gave their stories of getting into the industry, their top tips for people wanting to break in and most importantly inspired the next generation of the Music Industry and young artists.

Parris OH - ‘Inspiration has peaks and troughs, earn your stripes by yourself and someone will take notice’
Rebecca Ayres - ‘Being respectful and humble is always important, you don’t know who you’ll meet on your way up and down’
DJ Melody Kane - ‘Use your connections, if you meet people, don’t be scared to ask them for help’
DJ Georgie K - ‘It’s about who you meet and who you know, do what you can to always keep your mind active’

For International Women’s Day 2017, we got our inspirational women to talk about being on the Tuned On panel

Their biggest inspirations and their most important tip for entering the Music Industry!

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