U.S. customs border patrol Protecting the borders of the U.S. from smugglers and illegal immigrants.

pain point - people every year find a new way to cross borders without being checked and unnoticed while there are also people who find ways to smuggle illegal goods into that country.

number of immigrants smuggled into the U.S. since 1980 to 2013
number of unauthorized boats or planes carrying illegal products since 1990 to 2012

the technology involved in U.S. border patrol are things like thermal cameras, motion sensors, back-scatter imagery, and mobile video surveillance

i chose this because i have always had a liking for keeping the borders safe and some of my family members do it so it makes me even more interested.

Average pay

Job Title US Customs and Border Protection Salary

CBP Officer $82,066

Border Patrol Agent $82,459

Auditor $91,989

Mission Support Specialist $61,907

just to show you how far people are willing to go to get across the borders


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