all about me brandon

if i could have an endless supply food what would u get i would get an endless supply of buffalo chicken wings

if in were an animal what animal would u be and why I would be a wolf because they are fierce predators

what is one goal you'd like to accomplish during your lifetime the one and main goal is that i want to graduate high school and enlist in the us marine core

when u were little , who was your favorite hero and why mine was batman because i loved the movies

who is your hero my hero is chris kyle because he served his country proudly

what is u your favorite thing to do during the summer i love to hunt . i also love to fish
if they made a movie about of your life what would it be about and which actor would u you want to play you it tell the story about my adventures overseas and i would want chris kyle to play the role of me

if u were an ice cream flavor what would you be and why i would be birthday because

i like to part favorite cartoon character was Scooby doo because he was funny

If you could visit any place in the world where would u go and why id go to Hawaii and see the pearl harbor memorial

What is the ideal dream job for u my ideal dream job is the us marine core
Are you a morning person or night person I'm a night person
These are my hobbies

What are your pet peeves or interesting things u don't like we I don't really have any except for bulliesand dumb drivers

whats the weirdest you've ever eaten the weirdest i've ever eaten is shark and aligator

name one thing you love about someone in your family i love the military background in my family

tell us about z unique or quirky habit of yours i really shy around people id dont know

if u had to describe yourself using three words what you use friendly honest ahtletic

if someone they made a move of your life what would it be a drama a comedy a romantic comedy ,action film,science film

if could be anybody besides myself i would be chriss kyle


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