Marianna Lopez's Story WHO'S ON DRUGS?

Marianna Lopez is a 16 year old female. Marianna attends San Diego High School in San Diego, California. She works at an IN- N -OUT Burger, fast food restaurant. She began drinking alcohol since the beginning of freshman year because of a difficult transition. At the beginning of freshman year Marianna experienced her parents getting divorced.She was only 14 at the time and did not know how to feel about this situation so she discovered the drug, alcohol and has not stopped since.

She began having headaches and a hard time seeing clearly after a few weeks of drinking alcohol. Now that she has been addicted to alcohol for three years she had just recently realized that she has been having high blood pressure. Marianna has become more anxious over the past few years because of her addiction to alcohol.

Since she has started drinking she has not really interacted much with her family. Marianna used to always spend time with her younger brother and sister Julio and Isabella. Now that she comes home half drunk when she is sad or down she doesn't really get to spend time with her younger siblings.Since she comes home with alcohol in her system she immediately feels exhausted when it comes down for homework.

Her group of friends have changed since she started drinking. She used to have friends that would get her out of trouble but now she chose to have friends who wouldn’t get her out of trouble. Her friends drink and smoke as well. Some of her friends used to buy her alcohol for freshman and sophomore year. Now that she got her license she buys her own alcohol and she spends $20 a week. She drinks three bottles of alcohol per 5 days a week. So she drinks 15 bottles of alcohol per week.

She usually goes and drinks at a park a few blocks down from her house. Luckily, Marianna did not use any other drug before using alcohol. Although, Marianna has not been caught with alcohol she has been failing a few of her classes. As said before Marianna finds herself in many situations where she doesn’t do homework, which means her test grades aren't very good because she doesn't study. Sometimes Marianna doesn't make it to her job and eventually they will fire her if she doesn't arrive on time or doesn't show up.

Marianna’s parents are always worried about Marianna and are very concerned with her health so they are thinking of sending her to a place where they can help her focus more on school. They have noticed many changes in her but does not know that she drinks.


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