Unit 6 Looking at the environmental health issues concerning mercury.

  • One of the environmental health concerns we dicussed in Unit 6, was the large amounts of mercury found in fish. To understand why mercury found in fish is a big problem, we need to know why mercury is bad for our bodies. According to a CBS News interview with Dr. Davis, "High levels of mercury in humans have shown developmental delays in kids, impaired brain function, high blood pressure, and high risks of heart attacks."
The amount of mercury increases in fish as you move up the food chain. It can be very hard to know how much mercury is in a single fish, but you should stick to eating fish like salmon and oyster because they do not have alot mercury in them.

Also according to the CBS New interview, the coal burning around China and India has lead to a lot of mercury into the atmosphere, which then transfers into the ocean through rain. Fish then consume the mercury and humans eat the fish. The high levels of mercury in fish are be very bad and dangerous for pregnant adults and especially young developing kids.

Many people are fish eaters in the U.S. So mercury is a big concern for them. Unfortunately, the problem is that those people are not always aware of the risks.

In order to stay from high levels of mercury, you don't have to completely stop eating fish. Eating fish is actually helping our environment by reducing the amount of people that are releasing CO2 into the air, because of meat production. In order to prevent yourself from having to much mercury in your body, eat fish that have low amounts of mercury and stay away from fish like swordfish. For more tips and tricks about staying away from mercury, check out this video below.

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