Death of a Salesman by: Arthur Miller

Willy Loman is a greedy, forgotten, naive dreamer .

Throughout the book Willy dreams about his Uncle Ben and all the success he has had. Willy is ultimately a dreamer not a doer. Willy visualizes the best in everything but doesn't actually take action like Uncle Ben and Bernard. He is greedy for success in both himself and children. He lives in his own fantasy where good looks and great personality will get you so far. These dreams and fantasys ruined his children and especially ruined himself.

Walter Mitty

Naive Dreamer

Walter Mitty like Loman dreams out his success and longs for a better meaning in life. In the end the two are still both hard working men who never obtained the American dream they've always wanted. In a good way they're greedy for success and wanting to be known. However, their naive dreams take over who they are and hold them back from doing what they were meant to do. In this case not be a millionaire with rich sons or an extremely well respected doctor.

Mark Sanchez


At one point in his life this man was admired by many but society, chewed him up and spit his image in the garbage as one of the worst quarterbacks ever. Just like Willy this man was once liked by many but as he became older he started to become completely forgotten. Not as hard working as they used to be the washed up men never reached the potential they could be at.

Donald Trump


Donald trump always has the desire to be better then the person sitting next to him always knowing everything. Willy Loman shows this attitude the best when not listening to Bernard and Charlie when they try to help him on different occasions. Willy always has to show others that he is better and all knowing just like Donald Trump. They both see the best in themselves at times when others are doubting the men.

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