Becoming Modern By: SYDNEY WOODS

Historical Context:

In the 1800’s there were many different ideas and culture expressed from within someone else's beliefs and or evidence that helped form the modern age. Before the modern age everything was based on reason and the bible, and people didn’t really go deep into their traditions they just knew it was something that had to be true. But from these new things such as romantic Art, Literature, poetry, and science sparked something brand new that would change people for the better and made people more comfortable in having their own opinions and or beliefs just because it’s what they think.


The Most important historical event in time was of course Romanticism, this era was about new ideas people's hard and how they wanted to share it with others. It was more so involving your mindset and feelings within you. It included almost everything about nature, children, money, sex, work, and love. It’s all about following your heart, It’s in our nature everyone is a romanticist.

Romantic Artist:

Francisco Goya painting third of may 1808, was one of the greatest paintings of all time. It expressed many different formal elements and new ways of looking at painting techniques. Throughout his painting he expressed how a man is about to be shot along with others already shot around him and how scared they look in their face you can see the terror all in their face. In addition to the soldiers with their gun to these innocent people, he includes a lot of detail and historical context on how the french men had slaughtered many countrymen in this time as well.

Romantic Composers:

A practically meaningful composer in romanticism would definitely be Beethoven. Beethoven demonstrated how you don’t always need to have perfect notes in music and that it’s ok to be complex and different. He was the greatest composer of all time and a genius at his work. He was also very inspiring for him to be deaf he still manage to continue his work as best as he could.

Romantic Literature:

Mary Shelley brought about new ideas and themes about romanticist nature in fiction. Mary Shelley writer of frankenstein, kept her romanticism thoughts in tact while considering life and death and it’s chemistry within. She demonstrated a new way of acknowledging this while challenging the known with the unknow. It’s a new way of thinking about life beyond what you know and tying in those “larger than life emotions”.

Realist Scientist:

Throughout time when people follow a certain tradition for many generations it’s hard to challenge those beliefs with new one. And Charles Darwin was definitely one to make others question their religious faith and human behavior. Charles Scientific theory had detail and evidence and reason behind it, he questioned development of animal and plant life. Charles Darwin brought about the thought process in natural selection and contemporary human and international relations.

Realists Writers:

Within writing and stories has to come entertainment according to Leo Tolstoy. In his hugely highly successful books he wanted to inspire kindness and sympathy in seeing behind and deeper within characteristics. He believe no one should be on the outside circle of sympathy and forgiveness and he introduced compassion while demonstrating a hatred or dislike in a character that goes through an hardship but comes to realize what he/she has and or mistreats.

Another idea brought about that brings a mixed message demonstrated through a painting was by Jean-francois Millet, The Gleaners. In this painting you would think these women are unhappy and don’t like what they are doing, but observing this art you think deeper and appreciate it in a way. The women are strong and what seem to look like as healthy and this “back breaking” labor suggest that this is not as difficult as it could have been, suggesting things could have been worse.


Overtime the science of emphasis on irrationality and impulse led to wise and helpful ways to overcome and embrace whatever life throws at you. Nietzsche made assertions on his views about both alcohol and christianity and how they both numb pain while making us get further away from taking those steps to get better and getting things done. He feels it makes people replace it with hope while thinking things will work themselves out when really it's in you. He believed many shoud replace scripture with culture, philosophy, and art.

Modern Art:

During the era of impressionism which involves capturing the style, movement, and the visual of an painting, Claude Monet did this and so much more. In his painting The Argenteuil bridge he didn’t just showed what a nice summer day might look like, he introduced a new method and tradition of outdoor life. If you go beyond and deeper and look at the scene you can see the color, shades, lighting, and difference in strokes of the brushes. The quality of the art is so much better if you focus on the unordinary.

One post-impressionist showed how colors can express everything and lines and shapes and these elements can be expressive. An painting can have an emotional, personal value on someone or simply even spark an idea. This particular painting was brought about to bring harmony and peacefulness within the bed and pillows, it can be taking for this scene to be peaceful for many.


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