The Devine

INTRODUCTION: The play was a great experience all together. I got to go and sit in a safe environment, where everybody was focused on the same thing. The performance did a great job of bringing that time period back to life, and I could really imagine what the characters were feeling. It is a very iconic moment when the lights dim and everybody goes quiet all at once because they know something is about to start.

THE SPACIAL EXPERIENCE: The physical setting of the theater was very calming. there was mood lighting outside and a obscure sculpture inside accompanied with a hush tone of peoples voices. I felt relaxed when I walked into the theater, and having a seat in the fourth row helped me to really concentrate on the play and see the actors emotions up close. When the lights dimmed I felt a sense of excitement that the play was going to start, and everybody in the theater would be seeing and thinking about the same things that I was. This is essential in the role of the good life, to take time out of our very busy schedules and enjoy something of someone else making. Without this, we would just be caught up in our busy lives and wouldn't be forced to take a time out and gain a different perspective.

THE SOCIAL EXPERIENCE: I ended up attending this performance by myself which I think turned out to be good. I got dressed in more formal attire than I normally would, and went by myself to see the play. By going alone I felt more concentrated on the play, whereas If I went with friends I would feel distracted or obligated to talk to them which would distract from the experience. I felt I got to observe more about the setting and really dive into the play because I had no distractions. The setting was calming for me. There was an overlying quiet hum of peoples voices and dimmed lighting. This all helped me to relax and watch the play joyfully as opposed to having my mind on a lot of other things.

THE CULTURAL AND INTELLECTUAL EXPERIENCE: Performances provide an entire new perspective on a certain way of life at a certain time. This helped me understand what was going on in this time period, and how much authority and power the church held in everyday life. I used to look at the church as being pure, but after they play I may now think of it as being a means of escape for some people. Perspective is a great thing, and it always helps to gain as many perspectives on a topic as you can to come to the right conclusion. It makes me happy to see that the horrible acts mentioned in the play do not go on anymore.

THE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE: This play comes clean about a lot of things. It displays what really went on inside the church walls, and the great lengths that they went to cover it up. This for a lot of people is a very emotional subject, and I think the play did a good job of making sure that everybody felt the tension when there needed to be some. It could also help people come clean to themselves. When relaxed the mind is very open and that is what watching the play did for me, helped me clear my thoughts and focus on the big picture. During the talk back someone mentioned how hard it was for Michaud to keep his past a secret, which also helped me realize not all is as it seems, and that I need to gain perspective before judging someone or something.

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