Five Reasons for Professors to Encourage Use of the Peer Tutoring Center by Their International Students

International students come to Webster with a high level of language proficiency. However, because the academic content of their majors may be unfamiliar to them, issues can arise as they try to complete assignments in their major classes. The Peer Tutoring Center offers resources for students who may not be struggling as much with general English as they are with the academic content or assignment types that are unfamiliar to them. Below are five reasons international students should be encouraged by their professors to use the Peer Tutoring Center to build successful classroom skills.

  1. The Peer Tutoring center has a tutor who is trained to work with language learners. The ESL Peer Tutor can help with a variety of topics and skills, including classroom discussion and group participation.
  2. Peer tutoring has been shown to be effective due to the one-on-one nature of the communication. Since international students are often reluctant to speak up in class, working with a tutor is an excellent way to improve in-class participation.
  3. Being able to discuss assignments with a peer tutor helps international students review and process the class materials for better understanding of the content.
  4. Professors can be explicit about the skills they think the peer tutor can help with when they refer an international student to the service. In fact, the more the tutor knows about the professor’s expectations, the more effective the tutoring session will be.
  5. If a professor feels that a student is not proficient enough in English to be successful - either in understanding the content or producing work for the class even while working with a peer tutor, he or she can also contact the ESL Director, who can arrange a meeting with the student to discuss solutions for bridging any skills gaps.


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