Truth tables and Logic gates (AND,OR,NOT) By zak foster-smith

AND: Means that both statements must be true e.g. If 3 > 2 and "Bob" == "bob". This isn't true because both statements aren't true the "Bob" == "bob" isn't true because one Bob has a capital letter

OR: Means that either statement are be true e.g. If 3 > 2 or "Bob" == "bob" then this would be true because one of the statements is true the 3 > 2 is true

NOT: means if the statement is true it's false or if it is false it's true basically swaps the value e.g. If not 3 > 2 because the statement 3 > 2 is true then the value will swap to false

Truth tables are a way to match our inputs to our outputs and see wether the answer would be true or false based on the inputs given. 1 is true and 0 is false.

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