The new iPhone 7 red is water resistant and fire resistant. The iPhone 6 started having overheating and exploding and so did the first i phone 7 but the iPhone 7 red special edition has no overheating problems and has one of the best phone rating this year. iPhone 7 do not earphone ports. The ear pods now go in the charging port. The new i phone 7 have 2 speakers on it so its louder and has better audio and it holds up to 256GB of space.

Over a billion apple products are used all around the world. 96.267 million apple products were sold in 2016. In the end of 2016 to the beginning 2017 they have sold already 75 million sold but they expect to sell 78 million this year. Apple products are already the most sold product of 2017. Apple also made 27 billion dollars on products in 2016 and beginning 2017.

The iPad pro has high fidelity speakers in each corner and t creates a rich, wide, and detailed sound stage. The i pad pro has a AX 9 chip and it allows it to be fast and battery life up to 10 hours. It offers up to double the graphic performance of iPad. The i pad pro also allows you to edit 4K videos and create videos. The iPad pro also comes with a smart keyboard that fits on the iPad for easy typing and faster typing.

The apple watch comes with built in GPS and last up to 18 hours of battery. The new apple watch comes with Bluetooth 4.o and also can connect to WiFi. The apple watch comes with heart rate censor and is water resistant up to 50 feet. apple watches were 12% of the money made for apple.


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